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Taraf of Ochi-Albi, an 1860 painting by Carol Szathmari

Taraf is a small folk (lăutărească) music ensemble from Romania or Moldova, usually consisting of 3-8 musicians. Instruments include the violin, cello, tambourine, accordion, harmonica and cimpoi (Romanian bagpipes). A taraf also often includes an instrument typical to the region: a kobza and cimbalom (Wallachia and Oltenia) a trumpet and flute (Moldova), a Tárogató (near Banat), a clarinet (Transylvania), or a 2-3 stringed lute (in Maramureş county) sometimes called a "zongora". Players may also use instruments improvised from grass, birch bark, mussel shells, and leaves.

Famous tarafsEdit

The group Taraf de Haïdouks, introduced to the West in the 1990s, brought the word to international fame.

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A Russian- and Romanian-language radio broadcast, with an interview of and music by a Transylvanian taraf: