Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve

Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve is a protected area in Belize, Central America. It falls under category (Ia) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature protected areas categories.[1] It encompasses 6,286 acres, and is managed by the Belize Forest Department and co-managed by the Belize Karst Habitat Conservation.


A biological survey was completed in December 1994 and concluded that within this reserve many animals reside. This includes 129 species of migratory birds and resident birds, 10 mammals, 160 species of plants, 21 species of damselflies and dragonflies, 96 species of butterflies and moths, 3 species of fish, 1 amphibian and 12 species of reptiles.[2] International threatened species protected by this conservation area include the Yucatan Black Howler Monkey and Baird's Tapir.[3]

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