Tange may refer to:


  • Arthur Tange (1914–2001), Australian senior public servant
  • Jun Watanabe Tange or Watanabe Jun (born 1954), Japanese architect, former professor at Chubu University
  • Kenzo Tange (1913–2005), Japanese architect, winner of the 1987 Pritzker Prize for architecture
  • Klaus Tange (born 1962), Danish actor in theatre, film, and television
  • Sakura Tange (born 1973), Japanese idol, voice actress and singer
  • Tange Sazen, fictional swordsman from Japanese literature and cinema


  • Tange Bolaghi or Tangeh Bolaghi, archaeologically significant valley in Iran with 130 ancient settlements
  • Tange Promontory, ice-covered peninsula just west of Casey Bay on the coast of Enderby Land


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