Tams Brig Stadium

Tams Brig Greyhound Stadium was a greyhound racing stadium in Ayr, Scotland.[1]

Ayr Tams Brig
Greyhound Stadium
LocationTams Brig, Limekiln Road, Ayr
Coordinates55°28′23.3″N 4°37′38.4″W / 55.473139°N 4.627333°W / 55.473139; -4.627333


The Tams Brig track, also known as Ayr Greyhound Stadium, was located between Limekiln Road and Elmbank Street, and was overlooked by the houses that ran along Elmbank Street.[2] The first race was on 16 December 1933 and racing took place on Monday and Saturday evenings at 7pm.[3] Amenities included a large licensed club and sixteen on-course bookmakers. The circumference was tight because it was 300 yards with race distances of 250, 400 & 550 yards. The circuit was changed to all sand in the late sixties, and the starting traps and photo finish were constructed by the stadium staff.[4]

Last daysEdit

Tams Brig was active for 39 years until 30 December 1972, when it was replaced by the Ayr Curling Club and ice rink.[5]


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