Tamishi (Georgian: ტამიში; Abkhazian: Тамшь) is a village in the Ochamchira District in Abkhazia,[1] Georgia. It is located on the Black Sea coast, at the right side of Dghamshi river. Its altitude above sea level is around 10m, the distance to Ochamchire is 14 km.

Tamishi is located in Georgia
Location of the village
Coordinates: 42°47′23″N 41°22′19″E / 42.78972°N 41.37194°E / 42.78972; 41.37194Coordinates: 42°47′23″N 41°22′19″E / 42.78972°N 41.37194°E / 42.78972; 41.37194
CountryGeorgia (Abkhazia[1])
10 m (30 ft)
 • Total549
Time zoneUTC+4 (GET)

The Abkhaz Census of 2011 reported that Tamishi had a population of 549.[2]

Aslan Bzhania was born in Tamishi.

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