Tamil Murasu

Tamil Murasu (Tamil: தமிழ் முரசு) is a Singapore-based Tamil-language newspaper. Launched in 1935 by Thamizhavel G. Sarangapani, Tamil Murasu is Singapore's only Tamil-language newspaper. It is one of the sixteen newspapers in Singapore.

Tamil Murasu
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)SPH Media Trust

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Readership* 154,000 (Print + Digital)
Circulation^ 16,000 (Mon-Sun)
* Media Nielsen Research Media Index 2013 ^ Average Circulation Jan-Nov 2013


Thamizhavel G. Sarangapani launched Tamil Murasu in 1935 as his second publication (after Seerthirutham (Reform) in 1929 and before Munnetram (Progress) in 1939), pricing it at 1 cent per copy to accommodate the lower economic status of the Tamil community at the time. Starting as a weekly, from 1937 onward it was published daily. A reformist, Sarangapani advocated for positions similar to Periyar, decrying discrimination from the British and Malays as well as calling for increased labor rights for workers and changing the political state of Tamils in Singapore. Tamil Murasu reduced the dominance of English-educated upper-class Brahmins in Singaporean Tamil journalism.[1]

1952: Student supplement Manavar Murasu is launched.

1963: Labour unrest disrupts operations for the first time since the Japanese Occupation.

1991: Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) takes over distribution of Tamil Murasu.

1993: Hipro Printing, Tamil Murasu's family-owned publisher, is incorporated

1995: SPH and Times Publishing buy Hipro Printing.[2] This makes Tamil Murasu the last daily paper in Singapore that was not owned by SPH.[3]

1999: Youth page Ilyar Murasu is launched.

2000: Tamil Murasu webpage is launched.

2004: SPH buys Times Publishing's share of Hipro, making it a wholly owned SPH subsidiary.

2005: Hirpo Printing is renamed Tamil Murasu.

2008: Weekly English tabloid tabla! is launched.

2017: Balar Murasu, a fortnightly supplement for pre-schoolers, is launched. Tamil Murasu becomes part of SPH's English/Malay/Tamil Media Group.

2019: The Tamil Murasu website receives a revamp.

2020: Tamil Murasu celebrates its 85th anniversary.

2021: Tamil Murasu Starts distributing copies of their "Manavar Murasu" Paper to schools in Singapore.

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