Tamara Obrovac

Tamara Obrovac (born 1962 in Pula) is a Croatian ethno jazz singer, flutist, songwriter and composer.[1]

Her main expression is ethnically inspired contemporary jazz influenced by the particular musical and dialectal traditions of her homeland, the Croatian coastal region of Istria. She leads several international bands, and had many international collaborations and projects, and her main bands are: Tamara Obrovac Transhistria ensemble Tamara Obrovac TransAdriatic quartet Tamara Obrovac quartet

She writes lyrics in her local dialect and sings in other ancient and endangered Istrian dialects, Slavic and Romanic origin. She wrote around 200 compositions, has published 12 CD's in which she wrote all of the music and most of the lyrics, and she held more then 500 international concerts, highly praised by the audience and press.

In addition to her international concert activities, she composes music for theatre  and film, she wrote music for 40 theatre pieces, ballets and 10 films, in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, Bulgaria, Italy, etc. and has received numerous awards for her work; 11 awards for film and theatre music, including Golden arena for best feature film score What Is a Man Without a Moustache? on the National film festival, and among the others a 9 Porin, (Croatian's Grammy) and was nominated for the BBC Radio 3 World music Award in 2004. (European music and Audience Award).

A selection of her music and live performances can be heard and seen on her official website[2] and on YouTube [3]


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