Tamanrasset District

Tamanrasset is a district in Tamanrasset Province, Algeria. It was named after its capital, Tamanrasset, which is also the capital of the province. With 96,843 people,[1] it is the most populated district in the province (however, the population density is low) and one of the largest districts in the country.

Tamanrasset District

دائرة تمنراست
Map of Tamanrasset District
Map of Tamanrasset District
Coordinates: 22°47′N 5°31′E / 22.783°N 5.517°E / 22.783; 5.517Coordinates: 22°47′N 5°31′E / 22.783°N 5.517°E / 22.783; 5.517
Country Algeria
District seatTamanrasset
 • Total131,151 km2 (50,638 sq mi)
 • Total96,843
 • Density0.74/km2 (1.9/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)


The district is further divided into 2 municipalities:[2]


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