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This is my first article on Wikipedia. I just like to cycle through random articles and clean up ones that need it, and after cleanup of Ambodimangavalo, I decided to create this article as it was the only broken wikilink in the main body of the article. I don't know enough to add any information, as the district is too small a subdivision for most such fact books to have, and I have no access to their census; hopefully someone else can fill in the blanks there. I will be watching the page to help out if I can; mostly I just am good at fixing bad grammar and awkward sentencing, but I can rewrite many articles, either to give them less jargon, or a less casual wording (inappropriate use of second person drives me nuts). Anyway, if anyone ever reads this, hellooooooO! Mr0t1633 (talk) 18:17, 10 July 2008 (UTC)