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   please could you make clear about tirks

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Tirks Long Lines version edit

As part of the divestiture long lines got a copy of tirks which they hired a large consulting concern to modify in order to provision carrier circuits. There seems to have been many instances which managed local loops. The upgrade work was done over a five year period in the late 1980s in Cincinnati, Ohio. This work finished up by the early 1990s. The tirks code was primarily PL/1, a macro version of assembler that mimicked PL/1, and pure IBM assembler. As with other versions this application ran more or less as a distributed application on multiple mainframes scattered around the US. At the time tirks ran under IMS and was the largest existing application system with hundreds of IMS databases. 2601:845:8100:45C8:AC6C:5E27:9C78:7EFD (talk) 23:24, 4 April 2023 (UTC)Reply