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The description of E Torricelli's experiment is incomplete, and the lack of completeness makes it impossible to understand why there is a vacuum above the mecury inside the top end of the tube, rather than a column of air above the mercury, inside the top end of the tube. It is important to note that the tube that Torricelli used was closed at the top end and that, once the bottom end was placed in the dish of mercury, the bottom end was opened. Until then both ends were closed. No mention is made in the article that the top end is closed. Also, the article says that the tube was "placed inverted on the dish full of mercury." If one end of a tube is not different from its other end, then there is no difference between a tube that is inverted, and a tube that is not inverted. The article states that the tube is inverted, yet it says nothing about one end being any different than the other end. Thus the article is utterly confusing and it does not explain E Torritelli's experiment sufficiently to make it understood. All in all, it is a rather clumsily written explanation of E Torricelli's experiment. Nomenclator (talk) 01:37, 10 April 2020 (UTC)

Also, the experiment was not "invented." Experiments are performed not "invented." Also, the experiment does not "use" a barometer, it creates a barometer, out of a simple tube that is closed on one end, that is filled with mercury, and that has its open end placed in a dish of mercury. In fact the first sentence makes no sense at all. The second sentence is even worse. It says that "...a clean mercury is filled..." What on earth is "a clean mercury"? And what on earth is meant when you say you are going to "fill mercury."? Who writes this nonsense? The barometer is composed of the tube, the mercury, and the dish. So saying the "The barometer is then placed inverted on the dish full of mercury" is untrue. The tube is placed, with the closed end up, and the open end is placed in the mercury that is in the dish.

I hesitate to edit the article because in the past, every edit I have made has been reverted.Nomenclator (talk) 01:50, 10 April 2020 (UTC)