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This page should NOT be deleted. It is vital to formally define Talent Community for the Recruitment Industry. The description is accurate and non-biased. Additional people are in fact updating the page with relevant content and REFERENCES have been cited.

Please remove the message regarding potential deletion. Thanks.

Notability, and advertorial issues edit

This page seems to be based on several assumptions, for example, it refers to a talent community as an "environment" and as "...a network of candidates, contacts, alumni, employees and job seekers allowing productive two-way communication between contacts." There is no description of what the author actually means by "talent community" as opposed to any other type of community or social group. I tried to edit it to be more coherent but couldn't work out what they meant in the first place.

It mentions a couple of times that a talent community facilitates two-way communication between people. This doesn't make sense, as human beings generally communicate in a two-way fashion, particularly when they are a part of each other's professional/educational networks. As such, this article seems to be referring to a "talent community" as a tool for communication for the purposes of recruitment, possibly a software platform or other type of system. This leads me to inquire whether the original author has created such a platform or system and is using Wikipedia as a channel for advertorial content. The "Description" sub-section in particular is evidence of this. In addition, the emotional nature of the response to the article's proposed deletion in this talk section supports the idea that it is advertorial and biased, as does the fact that the two external links are to the website of a consultant and speaker in the recruitment field.

I dispute the article's notability because if it was edited to remove bias and inconsistencies, it would basically be a duplication of parts of the main "Community" or "Outline of community" articles.

There isn't an article for "Business community" yet. Maybe this could become a section of that about recruitment? Although that would probably then duplicate parts of the different articles on recruitment.

Sarahjansen (talk) 06:41, 6 June 2011 (UTC)Reply

I tend to agree - this article has all the hallmarks of corporate newspeak gibberish; mixed metaphors (eg keeping a pipeline warm, executing a community, marketing DNA and with HR function). The deliberate obfuscation meaning to disguise a total lack of relevant information; this tedious meaningless nonsense was clearly written by some unproductive HR commissar and should be deleted Glen Gormley (talk) 15:25, 30 March 2020 (UTC)Reply