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Very many examples of matrilineal succession are apparently cases where females themselves did not inherit or succeed to the monarchy, but were obligatory links of succession (transferers) between two males.

In my opinion, there thus exists at least a theoretical need of two concepts: one to refer to males to succeed by their matrilineal right, and the other to females to succeed other females, all males totally excluded even as transferers (female succession in an unbroken female line, which is the analogy in female terms with agnatic succession). As matrilineal succession has already established itself as referring to former cases, then the latter case needs a new term (which, derived from use of that attribute in established kinship studies, could be uterine succession.)

We may expect that some cult of high priestesses will be someday revealed to have applied fully uterine succession, up to total exclusion of males even as transfers of succession rights.

However, if there exist no examples in real world, anyway the concept is needed, since

  • there exists the precise counterpart, agnatic succession
  • the concept is needed for hypothetical analyses in science (anthropology, sociology, archaeology)
  • fantasy literature is almost certain to utilize this concept, as they did (by Tolkien) already with introducing the idea of fully equal primogeniture a bit before any kingdom in real world went into process of introducing that as their law of succession. 06:05, 30 Apr 2005 (UTC)

The language of this article is rather colloquial and is a distraction. Kemet 00:24, 24 July 2006 (UTC)

I added info on the Rain Queens.

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