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Talha ibn Abd Allah al-Khuza'i

Abū Muḥammad Ṭalḥa ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn Khalaf al-Khuzāʿī, better known as Talha al-Talahat literally "Talha of the Talhas" (died 684-5) was a military commander of the Umayyad Caliphate and governor of Sistan. The nickname Talha al-Talahat was because his mother was called Talha bint Abi Talha, "Talha the daughter of Talha's father".

Around 683 (or early 684) he was appointed governor of Sistan by the governor of Khurasan Salm ibn Ziyad at the place of his brother Yazid ibn Ziyad, after a raid on Zunbils of Zabulistan and the shahs of Kabul in eastern Afghanistan, which had ended in disaster and during which his brother Yazid ibn Ziyad got killed, while another brother, Abu Ubayda, was taken prisoner; it was necessary to buy the Arab captives from zunbils or the local princes of Zamindawar and Zabulistan. Salm dismissed Talha, but later restored him. He died shortly afterward in 684-5.[1][2]

Ruzaiq, the ancestor of the Tahirid dynasty became a mawla of Talha during his rule in Sistan (683-685). [3]


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