Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme

The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme, known as TASS, is a scheme of Sport England (UK government-funded) to find and support prospective talented athletes.[1]


Over five hundred athletes are supported by this scheme, in around thirty sports (in high performance sport). The scheme began in 2004.[2]


It is run by Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne. Athletes are over 16. Prospective athletes are nominated by the national governing body for that sport. These athletes are at the top of their Sport England Talent Pathway, and must be in full-time education.

Athletes are nominated only by the governing bodies, and cannot make individual applications. The scheme is largely delivered by English universities. The scholarship is worth up to £3,500 a year.[3]

Some athletes can also be funded (additionally) through UK Sport.

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The scheme is part of the SportsAid network, and receives funding from the National Lottery.

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