Takebashi incident

The Takebashi incident was an armed rebellion that occurred on August 23, 1878, in which 260 members of the Imperial Guard of the Imperial Japanese Army mutinied and killed officers. The motivation for the incident was the desire of those individuals to be paid for their part in quelling the Satsuma Rebellion. The rioters were stationed at the Imperial Guard headquarters in Takebashi, which was just north of Akasaka Palace. The rioters were planning on burning down the palace. The government executed 55 of the rioters after putting down the mutiny.[1]

Takebashi incident
Date23–24 August 1878
GoalsDirect appeal to Emperor Meiji
Resulted inSuppressed
Lead figures
Okamoto Ryūnosuke [ja]
Miyotarō Matsuo
Takeshirō Nagashima
Mansuke Kojima
Unosuke Mizoe
Sadago Uchiyama
Masanao Yanada
Ibara Hirayama
Nishi Kanjirō
Tsū Kurokawa
Yamakawa Hiroshi
Yorimasa Kokushi
Ōshima Hisanao
259 members of the Imperial Guards
844 policemen
988 soldiers


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