Tahitian Handball League

The Tahitian Handball League is a European Handball competition held in Tahiti. Handball is a very popular sport in French Polynesia as the roots of the sport is European. The winner and runner up of this tournament qualifies for the Oceania Handball Champions Cup.

Champions edit

Year Men's Women's
1990 Central HC AS Dragon
1991 AS Dragon AS Dragon
1992 Excelsior Excelsior
1993 Central HC AS Dragon
1994 Central HC AS Dragon
1995 AS Dragon AS Dragon
1996 AS Dragon AS Dragon
1997 Central HC Excelsior
1998 Central HC Excelsior
1999 AS Faa'a AS Dragon
2000 AS Dragon AS Dragon
2001 Central HC Central HC
2002 AS Faa'a Central HC
2003 Excelsior Excelsior
2004 Excelsior AS Dragon
2005 AS Faa'a Excelsior
2006 AS Dragon AS Dragon
2007 AS Dragon AS Dragon
2008 AS Faa'a unknown
2009 AS Faa'a unknown
2010 AS Faa'a unknown
2011 AS Faa'a unknown
2012 AS Faa'a unknown
2013 AS Faa'a AS Faa'a
2014 AS Dragon AS Faa'a
2015 Excelsior AS Dragon
2016 unknown AS Faa'a

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