Tadros is a common given name or family name being Egyptian The family's origin is said[who?] to be in Greece or Egypt, but the name may also be prominent in other Middle Eastern countries with a Christian population including Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine. Most people with the last name Tadros are from Orthodox, mainly Coptic or Antiochian, Christian families brought to Egypt and the Middle East during the Byzantine Empire. Although the name is Greek and spans many states in the Middle East the origins of people named Tadros may be completely unrelated to each other: Coptic Egyptians with this last name are of Pharaonic and Greek descent while Antiochians are native to Jordan and Syrians to ancient peoples of the region around Damascus. In the United States many variations of the name have arisen due to misspellings and difficult pronunciation; some people with the names Tadros have created variations including Tadres, Tawadros and Tawadrous.


  • Tadros of Shotep or Theodore Stratelates or Theodore of Heraclea, martyr and Warrior Saint venerated with the title Great-martyr in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Eastern Catholic and Roman Catholic Churches and Oriental Orthodox Churches


Notable people with the surname include:


  • Tadros (duo), a Canadian musical group made up of brothers Daniel and Eric Tadros