Tadeusz Kuntze

Tadeusz Kuntze (also Taddeo Kuntze or Taddeo Polacco) was the pseudonym of the Silesian painter Tadeusz Konicz[1] (3 October 1733 – 8 May 1793), who was active in Kraków, in Paris, in Spain and in Rome.[2]

Tadeusz Kuntze
Tadeusz Kuntze.jpg
Portrait of Kuntze by Irena Bierwiaczonek: Museo Ziemi Lubuskiej, Zielona Góra, Poland
Tadeusz Konicz

3 October 1733
Died8 May 1793 (1793-05-09) (aged 59)
Rome, Italy
EducationAcadémie de France, Rome
Scuola libera del nudo, Rome


Konicz was born in Grünberg, Silesia (now Zielona Góra, Poland) on 3 October 1733. He was raised in Kraków at the court of the bishop, Andrzej Stanisław Załuski, who in 1747 sent him to Rome to study. From 1748 to 1752 he studied at the Académie de France, and later under Ludovico Mazzanti and at the newly established scuola libera del nudo.[2] He painted a number of works in Poland in 1754, including altarpieces of St Adalbert and of St Casimir in Kraków Cathedral, and the Fortune now in the National Museum, Warsaw. In 1756 he travelled to Paris, and in 1757 was again in Kraków at the court of Załuski. After Załuski's death in late 1758, Kuntze went to Spain. By 1766 he was again in Rome.[2] Among his patrons there were the Borghese princes, for whom he worked at both Palazzo Borghese and Villa Borghese, and Henry Benedict Stuart, then bishop of Frascati, for whom he executed frescoes in the Seminario Tuscolano and in the Palazzo Vescovile (the bishop's palace).[2] He also worked on frescoes in the church of Santo Stanislao dei Polacchi.[citation needed]

Kuntze died in Rome on 8 May 1793.[2]



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