Tabar Group

The Tabar Group is an island group in Papua New Guinea, located 40 km (25 mi) north of New Ireland. It is a part of the Bismarck Archipelago. The Tabar group consists of a short chain of three main islands - Tabar Island (a.k.a. Big Tabar) in the south, Tatau Island in the center, and Simberi Island in the north - as well as a number of smaller offshore islets. The highest peak is Mount Beirari at 622 m (2,041 ft).

Tabar Group
Tabar Group is located in Papua New Guinea
Tabar Group
Tabar Group
Location Of Tabar Group in Papua New Guinea
LocationSouth Pacific Ocean
Coordinates2°49′S 151°57′E / 2.817°S 151.950°E / -2.817; 151.950Coordinates: 2°49′S 151°57′E / 2.817°S 151.950°E / -2.817; 151.950
ArchipelagoBismarck Archipelago
Major islands3
Highest elevation622 m (2041 ft)
Highest pointMount Beirari
RegionIslands Region

The population of the island group was 3,920 at the 2000 Census.[1] The Tabar Group is administered by the Sentral Niu Ailan Rural Local Level Government (LLG).

The Tabar Group is the area of origin of Malagan art.[2] The local language is Mandara (also known as Tabar), ISO 639-3 language code "tbf", an Austronesian language. Three dialects have been identified, Simberi, Tatau and Tabar.[3][4]


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