Taça Nacional de Cabo Verde

The Taça de Cabo Verde (Portuguese for the Cape Verdean Cup, also as the Capeverdean Cup) is the main knock-out football tournament of the Cape Verde islands. It started in 1982, it was later revived in 2007 and is played annually. The competition features the winners of each island or regional cup competition and competes into two groups.

Taça Nacional de Cabo Verde
Cape Verdean National Cup
RegionCape Verde
Number of teams11
Current championsAcadémica do Mindelo (1st time)
Most successful club(s)Boavista Praia (2 titles)
Television broadcastersTCV (television)
RTC (radio)
2024 Taça Nacional de Cabo Verde



The first edition took place in 1982 and was only broadcast on radio, television broadcasts did not began until 1997, its first telecast of the cup competition began in 2007. Most of the matches, all of the semis and finals were broadcast on TCV and RCV. Some of the matches were broadcast on regional television and radio including Rádio Barlavento and Rádio Praia (or AM Praia).

From the 2013 edition, the winner competes in the Cape Verdean Cup, the only time done was Onze Unidos, the 2012 cup winner.

There had been no cup competitions since 2013 and is uncertain about the cancellation of recent tournaments. With the National Championships held in 2017 which originally to finish in July and extended into late-August, the 2017 national cup competition was again not held. It is one of the countries in Africa which a football cup competition was held for just five seasons.

The next cup competition is now taking place, for the 2018 season.


Year Winners Score Runners-up
1982 CS Mindelense 1–0 Morabeza [Brava][1]
1983–06 Not played
2007 Académica da Praia 3–1 Académica do Sal
2008 Not played[2]
2009 Boavista Praia 1–0 Académico Sal
2010 Boavista Praia (champion in final round)
2011 Not played[3]
2012 Onze Unidos 2–1 (aet) Académica Porto Novo
2013–16 Not played[a]
2017 Canceled[b]
2018 Sporting Clube da Praia 2–1 SC Santa Maria
2019 Santo Crucifixo 3–2 GD Palmeira
2020 Cancelled[c]
2021 Not played
2022 CD Travadores 5–1 ASC Figueirense
2023 Académica do Mindelo 1–0 Barreirense


Club Titles
Boavista Praia 2
CS Mindelense 1
Académica da Praia 1
Onze Unidos 1
Sporting Clube da Praia 1
Santo Crucifixo 1
CD Travadores 1
Académica do Mindelo 1

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  1. ^ Not held due to financial and scheduling concerns
  2. ^ The 2017 edition was possibly to be held, with the knockout stage of the national championships continued into late-August, the cup competition was not held
  3. ^ Due COVID-19 pandemic in Cape Verde


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