TV Tonight is an Australian-based website which features reviews, news and programming information related to television in Australia as well as OzTAM ratings information.

TV Tonight
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Entertainment, media, news.
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Created byDavid Knox
LaunchedJanuary 2007 (2007-01)[1]
Current statusOnline

The site was started by television critic David Knox in 2007 after listeners of his radio programs asked him for information they had missed.[2] Knox runs the site,[1][3] publishing his interviews with Australian media actors, producers, directors and programmers.[4] Knox regularly visits the sets of Australian television series[5][6][7] and reviews television programs.[8]

Knox also served as television critic for Radio National's breakfast program from 2009 to 2015.[9] Dan Barrett is now in this role.[10] Knox has an advanced diploma in screenwriting and was the founding Artistic Director of Screenplay.[4]

TV Tonight is also referenced in Australian media, including The Sydney Morning Herald[11] and,[12] while Knox gives commentary for other media outlets including News Corp Australia,[13] MediaWeek[14] and ABC.[15]

The website began a campaign to include more female Logie Award Hall of Fame inductees.[16] A year after the campaign, the event's second female inductee was admitted in Noni Hazlehurst at the 2016 ceremony.[17]


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