TV5 may refer to the following television enterprises, networks and stations:

  • TV5 (Finland), a Finnish television channel owned by SBS Discovery Media
  • TV5 (India), Telugu-language 24-hour news channel
  • TV5 (Latvia), former television channel in Latvia
  • TV5 (Malaysia), television channel in Malaysia
  • TV5 Mongolia, Mongolia based nationwide broadcasting network
  • TV5, television network in the Philippines, now known as 5 (TV channel)
  • TV5 Network, Inc., Filipino media company based in Mandaluyong.
  • TV5Monde, French-language global television channel commonly referred to as "TV5" or "Telecinq"
  • TV5 Québec Canada, Canada-based French-language television channel, which partners with TV5Monde
  • TV5 Užice, Serbian television channel, which broadcasts from the town of Užice
  • TV5, a cable subscription channel of Macedonian Boom TV now Vip TV

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