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TM Network is a Japanese pop/rock musical band. The members are Tetsuya Komuro (Keyboardist), Takashi Utsunomiya (Vocalist) and Naoto Kine (guitarist). When they released the single "Get Wild" in 1987, their music became popular in Japan as the "futuristic pop songs with synthesizer."[2]

Also known asTMN
OriginTama, Tokyo, Japan
Years active1983–1994
LabelsSMEJ, Rojam, R and C, Avex Trax
MembersTetsuya Komuro
Takashi Utsunomiya
Naoto Kine

They are regarded as a prototype of J-pop, because Tetsuya Komuro became a famous producer of dance-oriented J-pop singers in 1990s.[3] However, their 2000 album Major Turn-Round was influenced by progressive rock.[4]



They were originally members of a band called Speedway during their school days. The three of them formed TM Network. Their name is commonly thought to stand for "Time Machine Network". However, on September 6, 2006 on an episode of Trivia no Izumi claimed that TM actually stands for 'Tama', the district from Tokyo they all came from. While Trivia no Izumi claims that TM stands for 'Tama' Tetsuya Komuro himself as early as 1984 on the show LiveG, has said that the TM stands for Time Machine.

On August 22, 1983 TM Network took part in "the Fresh Sounds Contest" (フレッシュサウンズコンテスト) which was sponsored by Coca-Cola. The song they performed was "1974" and it was aired on TBS. This was their first step towards a record deal.

They made their record debut with single "Kinyoubi no lion (Friday's Lion)" and album "Rainbow Rainbow" on April 21, 1984.

They became famous first in Hokkaido. After a while they had more hits with the songs "Self Control", "Get Wild", "Beyond the Time", and others. So they've become one of the most popular rock bands in Japan. More particularly, in the Anime world, "Get Wild", as the 1st ending song of "City Hunter", has especially got a lot of cover versions by many J-Pop bands and singers alike, and it's also covered by Vocaloids as well. "Get Wild" and a 1989 remix sold a combined 515,010 singles in Japan.[5] "Beyond the Time" was used as the ending theme the 1988 anime film Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. Both songs above have even enhanced their fame since then.

Several musicians have supported them at their live shows as backing bands such as Tak Matsumoto (B'z), Daisuke Asakura (access), and more.

They changed their name to TMN in 1990, and broke up in 1994. They had reunited under their old name of TM Network in 1999.

They compiled with the overseas musicians such as Julio Iglesias, Jr., Sheila E., Leehom Wang for "Happiness×3 Loneliness×3".


He is acting solo singer. And also, as an actor, performed in the musical "Rent" in Japan.
  • Naoto Kine (木根尚登 Kine Naoto, born September 26, 1957) Guitar, composition, piano, harmonica, chorus.
He is acting solo singer-songwriter. And also, as an author, written many novels and other books.



  1. Kinyōbi no lion (金曜日のライオン, lit. "Friday's Lion"): Take It To The Lucky (1984)
  2. 1974 (1984)
  3. Accident (1985)
  4. Dragon The Festival (Zoo Mix) (1985)
  5. Your Song ("D"Mix) (Theme of "Vampire Hunter D" 1985) (1985)
  6. Come On Let's Dance (This Is The Fanks Dyna-Mix) (1986)
  7. Girl (1986)
  8. All-Right All-Night (No Tears No blood) (1986)
  9. Self Control (1987)
  10. Get Wild (1st Ending Theme of "City Hunter" anime) (1987)
  11. Kiss You (1987)
  12. Resistance (Theme of "Thrilling rock n roll street" 1988 TV Series) (1988)
  13. Beyond the Time ~Beyond the Möbius Universe~ (BEYOND THE TIME 〜メビウスの宇宙を越えて〜, Beyond the Time 〜Mebiusu no Sora wo Koete〜) (Theme of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack) (1988)
  14. Seven Days War (1988)
  15. Come On Everybody (1988)
  16. Just One Victory / Still Love Her (Theme of "City Hunter 2" anime) (1989)
  17. Come On Everybody (with Nile Rodgers) (1989)
  18. Kiss You (Kiss Japan) (1989)
  19. Get Wild '89 (1989)
  20. Dive Into Your Body (1989)
  21. The Point Of Lovers' Night (1990)
  22. Time To Count Down (1990)
  23. Rhythm Red Beat Black (1990)
  24. Rhythm Red Beat Black (Version 2.0) / Rhythm Red Beat Black (Version 300000000000) by Denki Groove (1991)
  25. Love Train / We Love The Earth (1991)
  26. Wild Heaven (1991)
  27. Ichizu na Koi (一途な恋) (1993)
  28. Nights Of The Knife (1994)
  29. Get Wild Decade Run / It's Gonna Be Alright (Verdy Kawasaki 1st stage support song) (1999)
  30. 10 Years After (Verdy Kawasaki 2nd stage support song) (1999)
  31. Happiness×3 Loneliness×3 (1999)
  32. Message (2000)
  33. Ignition, Sequence, Start (2000)
  34. We Are Starting Over (2000)
  35. Castle In The Clouds (2002)
  36. Network TM (2004)
  37. Welcome Back 2 (2007)
  38. I Am (2012)
  39. Loud (2014)

Original AlbumsEdit

  1. Rainbow Rainbow (1984)
  2. Childhood's End (1985)
  3. Twinkle Night (Mini Album) (1985)
  4. Gorilla (1986)
  5. Self Control (1987)
  6. humansystem (1987)
  7. Carol -A Day In A Girl's Life 1991- (1988)
  8. Rhythm Red (1990)
  9. Expo (1991)
  10. Major Turn-Round (2000)
  11. Network TM -Easy Listening- (2004)
  12. Speedway (2007)
  13. Quit30 (2014)

Remix AlbumsEdit

  1. Dress (1989)
  2. Tmn Classix 1 (1993)
  3. Tmn Classix 2 (1993)
  4. Dress2 (2014)


  1. Vision Festival
  2. "BEE" Presents TM Visions
  3. Fanks "Fantasy" Dyna-Mix
  4. Self Control and the Scenes from "the Shooting"
  5. Gift for Fanks Video since 1985–1988
  6. Fanks the Live 1 Fanks Cry-Max
  7. Fanks the Live 2 Kiss Japan Dancing Dyna-Mix
  8. Fanks the Live 3 Camp Fanks!! '89
  9. Fanks the Live 4 (For Not Sale)
  10. Carol the Live
  11. Rhythm Red Beat Black
  12. Rhythm Red Live World's End I / II
  13. Expo Arena Final
  14. Final Live Last Groove 5.18
  15. Final Live Last Groove 5.19
  16. Decade (TM Network 1984–1994)
  17. Live Tour Major Turn-Round 1
  18. Live Tour Major Turn-Round 2
  19. Live Tour Major Turn-Round 3 (For Not Sale)
  20. TM Network Tribute Live 2003
  21. Live in Naeba'03 -Formation Lap-
  22. TM Network Double-Decade Tour "Network"
  23. All the Clips
  24. Spin Off from TM -Tribute Live 2005–
  25. Spin Off from TM −8 songs, and more.-
  26. Spin Off from TM 2007 -Tribute Live III
  27. TM Network -Remaster- at Nippon Budokan 2007
  28. Incubation Period
  29. Final Mission -Start Investigation-
  30. TM Network 30th 1984~ The Beginning of the End
  31. TM Network 30th 1984~ Quit30 Huge Data
  32. 30th Final
  33. TM Network 2012-2015 (Blu-ray Box)

Video gameEdit


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