The Texas Instruments TI-74 Basicalc is a type of programmable calculator, which was released in 1985 to replace the Texas Instruments Compact Computer 40. One variant, the TI-74S, has a blank faceplate instead of secondary functions to allow for customization (otherwise it is the same as the 74). Both models accepted customized ROM-modules. The TI-95, released at the same time, was a keystroke programmable descendant of the TI-59 and TI-66, with the same general form factor, but a two-line display (the second line was for function key definitions).

Texas Instruments TI-74.jpg
ManufacturerTexas Instruments
TypePocket computer
TI-74 BASIC Pocket Computer PCB
TI-74 BASIC Pocket Computer CPU
TI-74 Info Card
TI-74 BASIC Pocket Computer With Case

Technical specificationsEdit

  • TMS70C46 CPU[1] (C70009, another chip from TMS 7000 family also reported)[2]
  • 31 5├Ś7 character LCD
  • 32+4 KB ROM
  • 8 KB RAM
  • RAM/ROM memory expansion port
  • Hexbus port
  • 80 characters per line (31 visible)
  • powered by 4 AAA-size batteries


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