TG3 (TeleGiornale 3) is the brand for Italian state-owned TV channel Rai Tre's news programmes. They are shown domestically and across Europe on Rai Tre. The newscasts are aired from Rai's Studios in Saxa Rubra, Rome, Italy, except for the 12 pm edition which is broadcast from Milan The head-journalist of the show is Giuseppina Paterniti from 31 October 2018. It was launched in 1979, and was named T3 (Telegiornale 3) from 1999 to 2000.

TG3 - Logo 2019.svg
Logo of TG3 since September 9 2019
StarringSee Presenters
Country of originItaly
Original language(s)Italian
No. of episodesN/A
Running time30 mins.
Original networkRai 3
Picture format16:9 HDTV
Original release15 December 1979 –
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Directors of the TG3Edit

Name Period
Biagio Agnes 15 December 1979 – 14 September 1980
Luca Di Schiena 15 September 1980 – 31 May 1987
Sandro Curzi 1 June 1987 – 1 August 1993
Andrea Giubilo 2 August 1993 – 11 September 1994
Daniela Brancati 12 September 1994 – 7 May 1995
Italo Moretti 8 May 1995 – 28 April 1996
Lucia Annunziata 29 April 1996 – 17 May 1997
Nuccio Fava 19 May 1997 – 3 May 1998
Ennio Chiodi 4 May 1998 – 2 April 2000
Nino Rizzo Nervo 3 April 2000 – 3 June 2001
Antonio Di Bella* 4 June 2001 – 30 September 2009
Bianca Berlinguer 1 October 2009 – 5 August 2016
Luca Mazzà 6 August 2016 – 30 October 2018
Giuseppina Paterniti since 31 October 2018

Note: the names highlighted in blue concern the directors who, in addition to directing the TG3, also directed the TGR.

Programme formatEdit

The programme is generally presented by a single newsreader Most items will be made up of reports and are generally preceded and followed by the correspondent reporting live from the scene of the report.

Daily programmeEdit

They are also other features with TG3 brand, all on Rai Tre:

  • GT Ragazzi (devoted to a youth audiences, aired on Rai Gulp).

Criticism and controversiesEdit

The Undersecretary to Communications Paolo Romani, member of The People of Freedom, in an interview with the newspaper Il Tempo, has defined that the TG3 "is politically affiliate with the Leftists".[1]


TG3 Linea NotteEdit

This is aired from Monday to Friday at 00:00 (58 minutes), summer editions are known as TG3 Linea Notte Estate which airs between 23:00 and 23:30. Presenters:

  • Maurizio Mannoni

TG3 FlashEdit

This is aired on Sunday, between 23:00 and 00:00 (7–10 minutes).

  • Tindara Caccetta
  • Niccolò Bellagamba
  • Paolo Piras
  • Sara Segatori
  • Giusi Sansone

TG3 nel mondoEdit

This is aired on Saturdays between 23:00 and 00:00. Presenters:

  • Maria Cuffaro

TG3 ore 12:00Edit

This edition comes from Milan

  • Paolo Pasi
  • Paola Maria Anelli
  • Annamaria Levorin
  • Jari Pilati

TG3 Fuori TGEdit

This is aired from Monday to Friday at 13:40 (19–20 minutes). Presenters:

  • Maria Rosaria De Medici

TG3 ore 14:20Edit

This is aired from Monday to Saturday at 14:20, Sundays at 14:15 (15–25 minutes). Presenters:

  • Floriana Bertelli
  • Cristiana Palazzoni
  • Mario Franco Cao
  • Monica Giandotti


This edition is signed for the deaf. It's aired from Monday to Saturday at 14:55, Sundays at 12:55 (2–3 minutes). Presenters:

  • Floriana Bertelli
  • Cristiana Palazzoni
  • Mario Franco Cao
  • Monica Giandotti

TG3 ore 19:00Edit

This airs from Monday to Sunday at 19:00 (30–32 minutes). Presenters:

  • Riccardo Chartroux
  • Tatiana Lisanti
  • Elisabetta Margonari
  • Alessandra Carli

Speciale TG3Edit

This airs only a few times a year or even none (2–108 minutes). This focus on the major stories that the world is talking about. Presenters:

  • Bianca Berlinguer


The Tg3 offers both internet and TV content on the web. The Internet Editorial Board is made up of Giancarlo Agostinelli, Riccardo Corbò, Pasquale Martello and Alfredo Trenca. He deals with the multimedia contents of the header. It cares for the site that offers the ability to see the Tg3 live while working on the PC; Makes it possible to review the newscast immediately after the broadcast; Allows you to review every single service. Allows you to browse the Tg3 archive and headings. It puts online images, interviews and exclusive services that you can only see on the headline website. It makes it possible to interact with the editorial team and create a community of active information users of the Tg3 that goes beyond the airtime and constitutes an always open channel.

The exclusive rubrics for the web:

  • Tg3 Tech
  • Tg3 Tech Books
  • Tg3 Comics
  • Tg3 Ludus
  • Tg3 La Vignetta
  • Tg3 Videochat

The Facebook page of the Tg3 is constantly updated by the editorial staff, with news videos, polls, exclusive articles and interactions with public comments


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  1. ^ "Romani: "In Rai non solo Santoro. Anche il Tg1 è a sinistra"". Il Tempo (in Italian). 18 January 2009. Retrieved 23 June 2009.

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