Tünel, Khövsgöl

Tünel (Mongolian: Түнэл) is a sum of Khövsgöl aimag. The area is 3,580 km², of which about one third is forest. In 2000, Tünel had a population of 4,556 people, including some Khotgoid. The sum center, officially named Bulag (Mongolian: Булаг), is located 46 km north-east of Mörön and 667 km from Ulaanbaatar.

Tünel District

Түнэл сум
Tunel, April 2010
Tunel, April 2010
ProvinceKhövsgöl Province
Time zoneUTC+8 (UTC + 8)


The Tünel sum was founded in 1952 from parts of the Büren, Tosontsengel, Erdenebulgan, and Alag-Erdene sums. In 1956, it became part of Bürentogtokh sum, but was separated again in 1959. In 1938, a "Khar Usny Jingiin" negdel was founded in this area, some other small negdels named "Altan Taria", "Khödölmör", "Egiin Dolgio" etc. followed and were joined to form the "Yalalt" negdel in 1956.


In 2004, there were about 101,000 heads of livestock, among them 50,000 goats, 34,000 sheep, 10,600 cattle and yaks, 6,600 horses and 84 camels.[1]



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Coordinates: 49°51′31″N 100°37′40″E / 49.85861°N 100.62778°E / 49.85861; 100.62778