The t'rung (đàn T'rưng) is a traditional bamboo xylophone used by the Jarai people and Bahnar people in Vietnam's Central Highlands.[1] More complicated developments of the Jarai and Bahnar's xylophone have become used in Vietnamese traditional music ensembles (known as the đàn T'rưng) representing the music of the highland minorities.[2]

a đàn T'rưng of the Bahnar people
The bamboo xylophone being played


  1. ^ Terry E. Miller, Sean Williams The Garland handbook of Southeast Asian music Page 300 2008 "Other central-highland idiophones include xylophones and bamboo xylophones (t'rung, khinh khung), wooden slit drums and bamboo slit drums (tol mo), bamboo tubes beaten with a stick (goong ting leng), bamboo tubes beaten by hand (t'pol), and Jew's harps."
  2. ^ Miranda Arana Neotraditional music in Vietnam - Page 57 1999 illustration "t'rưng family" - "The whole set of bamboo xylophones, based on a very simple instrument called the t'rung by the Jarai, or the klongkloiby the Bahnar, has come to represent music from the minority peoples of the central highlands in Vietnam"