Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubala

The Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubala is a multi-day road cycling race held annually in Poland. It was first held in 2000 and was part of the UCI Europe Tour in category 1.2 in 2005 and 2.2 from 2007 to 2010.[1] The race was discontinued in 2010 until 2016 when it was revived. In 2017, the race re-entered UCI Europe Tour in category 2.1.

Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubala
Race details
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeOne-day race (2000–2006)
Stage race (2007–)
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First edition2000 (2000)
Editions14 (as of 2019)
First winner Cezary Zamana (POL)
Most wins Tomasz Kiendyś (POL) (4 wins)
Most recent Maciej Paterski (POL)

The race pays tribute to Major Henryk Dobrzański (nicknamed "Hubal").


Year Country Rider Team
2000   Poland Cezary Zamana Mat–Ceresit–CCC
2001   Poland Tomasz Kłoczko
2002   Poland Radosław Romanik CCC–Polsat
2003   Poland Marcin Gębka
2004   Poland Kazimierz Stafiej
2005   Poland Tomasz Kiendyś Knauf Team
2006   Poland Tomasz Lisowicz Knauf Team
2007   Poland Tomasz Kiendyś CCC–Polsat–Polkowice
2008   Poland Tomasz Kiendyś CCC Polsat–Polkowice
2009 No race
2010   Poland Tomasz Kiendyś CCC–Polsat–Polkowice
2011–2015 No race
2016   Poland Eryk Latoń CCC–Sprandi–Polkowice
2017   Poland Maciej Paterski CCC–Sprandi–Polkowice
2018   Poland Mateusz Taciak CCC–Sprandi–Polkowice
2019   Poland Maciej Paterski Wibatech Merx


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