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Szélatya or Szélkirály (Turkish: Yel Ata or Yel Kralı, Old Turkic: Çel Ede or Çel Ata, "Wind Father") is the Hungarian god or deity of wind.[1] [2]

His female counterpart is Szélanya.

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All of them mean "wind father".

The Onoghurs (Huns) also worshipped him.


Szelatya has long hair, silver weapons, and thunder horses. He is said to appear as a youthful and handsome man in hungarian mythology, but as an elderly man in turkic mythology.

He has a jungle or sylvan named Silver Forest.


His father is Arany Atyacska (Golden Father) and his mother's name is Hajnal Anyacska (Dawn Mother). However, some accounts mention that he is the son of Kayra, the primordial god.

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