Syrym Datuly

Syrym Datuly Batyr (Kazakh. Сырым Датұлы) (1712—1802) was the Sergeant Major of the Kazakh clan Bayuly, the leader of the national anti-feudal and anti-colonial movements of the Kazakhs of the Little Horde in the years 1783-1797. Syrym Datuly took part in the Pugachev's Rebellion of 1773-75. Preserved report to Count Alexander Suvorov P.I. Panin on June 22, 1775, in which he reports S. Datuly as one of the most active participants in the uprising. In any case, the excitement of the Kazakhs were a direct continuation of the events.

Syrym Datuly was from the Baibakty clan, Bayuli tribe of the Younger Zhuz. He was Nuraly-khan’s trusted person until the beginning of the revolt. Winter of 1782-83 wassevere in the territory the Younger zhuz. Finally Kazakhs started to cross the Ural Mountains. Ural Cossacks started to attack on Kazakhs.

As a result of encounters with Ural Cossacks, Syrym Datuly’s children died. In response Kazakhs attacked on Russian settlements. In one of the affairs Syrym Datuly was taken as a prisoner. O. Igelstrom was assigned as a new governor of the region and establishment of the Frontier court was announced in order to regulate conflicts between Kazakhs and Cossacks.

There are attempts to implement reforms in the system of Kazakh clans in the Younger zhuz which would make it possible to Tsarist administration to establish the order. One of these attempts was convocation of peculiar steppe parliament — people’s assembly in 1785. At this kurultai three tribal departments (Zhetiru, Alimuly and Baiuly) were founded, also Syrym Datuly was elected as the first adviser of the entire Younger Zhuz.

After the kurultai Nuraly apprehended for his life and escaped to Russians in 1786. In 1786 Syrym was taken as a prisoner by Nuraly’s son Yesim and was taken to Yeraly, Nuraly’s brother. In 1787 Syrym was released thanks to O. Igelstrom’s activity. O. Igelstrom was resigned in 1790 and in 1791 Yeraly was proclaimed as the Khan. In response, Syrym Datuly declared the war against Russia and killed its placeman Yesim who became the Khan after Yeraly. Many raids at the frontier line were made during ten years. In 1797 Syrym Datuly, who was pursued by sultans, had to roam to the south, lands of Khanate of Khiva with fellow tribesmen. He died in 1802.

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