Symbols of Kryvyi Rih

Coat of Arms of Kryvyi Rih - the official heraldic symbol of the city. Symbols approved by resolution number 30 in the third session of XXIII convocation on May 20, 1998. The shamrock symbolizes the past, present and future and their inextricable link, and as a living natural form - constant development and renewal. Green stands for prosperity, freedom, hope and joy. Red - courage and knightly virtue, love, courage, generosity. Gold - wealth, power, and faithfulness. Silver - purity of thought and actions.

Coat of arms of Kryvyi Rih
Coat of Arms of Kryvyi Rih.svg
City Seal
City Seal
ArmigerKryvyi Rih City Council
Adopted20 May 1998
Crestsilver city crown
Blazontraditional Iberian
Banner of Kryvyi Rih
Banner of Kryvyi Rih.svg
Adopted20 May 1998
DesignKryvyi Rih City Council

Banner of Kryvyi Rih - one of the symbols of the city. A square red-green canvas depicts the city coat of arms.