Sycamore Bank

Sycamore Bank, based in Senatobia, Mississippi, is a regional bank with assets exceeding $170 million[1] and locations across North Mississippi.

Branches in Senatobia, Southaven, Coldwater, Hernando, and Independence[2] serve customers in these communities as well as residents of the broader Memphis, Tennessee area.


In 1900 a group of 35 local businessmen and farmers established Senatobia Bank.[2]

Early photo of Sycamore Bank (then called Senatobia Bank) in Senatobia, Mississippi

As the bank grew beyond Senatobia, it was renamed Sycamore Bank[3] as a reference to its Senatobia roots (the town's name is derived from the Native American Senatohoba, which means White Sycamore, a symbol of rest for the weary).[2]

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