Sweet Home School District

The Sweet Home School District (#55) is a public school district serving Sweet Home, Oregon, United States and the surrounding communities of Crawfordsville, Holley, Cascadia, and Liberty, and the Pleasant Valley area.

Sweet Home School District
United States
District information
SuperintendentTom Yahraes
Budget$29 million[1]
Students and staff
Athletic conferenceSky-Em
Other information
High schools1
Junior high schools1
Elementary schools4

History edit

The Sweet Home School District administrative office

Early history edit

The district was incorporated on December 20, 1964 following a recommendation from the Linn County reorganization committee that the Crawfordsville, Holley, Cascadia, Liberty, Foster, Sweet Home Elementary and Sweet Home Union High School districts be consolidated into one administrative district. [3] Prior to consolidation, Sweet Home Union High School's history dates back to 1912. [4]

Modern history edit

In 1990, the district was the largest recipient in the state of tax revenues from private timber harvest.[5]

In 2011, The Center for American Progress recognized the Sweet Home School District for receiving the organization's highest Return on Investment score in a nationwide study comparing student achievement relative to available funding. Sweet Home, North Clackamas and Gladstone were the only school districts in Oregon to receive the organization's highest achievement score in all areas measured.[6]

Schools edit

High school edit

Sweet Home High School

Sweet Home High School is a comprehensive high school serving approximately 750 students in grades 9 through 12.

Junior high school edit

Sweet Home Junior High School

Sweet Home Junior High School serves approximately 400 seventh and eighth grade students.

Elementary schools edit

Foster Elementary

Foster Elementary is a Kindergarten through sixth grade school located on the eastern edge of Sweet Home near Foster Reservoir.

Hawthorne Elementary

Hawthorne Elementary is a Kindergarten through sixth grade school located on Long Street in Sweet Home.

Holley Elementary

Holley Elementary is a Kindergarten through sixth grade school located in the community of Holley four miles southwest of Sweet Home.

Oak Heights Elementary

Oak Heights Elementary is a Kindergarten through sixth grade school located in the west side of Sweet Home.

Former schools edit

  • Crawfordsville School
  • Liberty School
  • Long Street School
  • Pleasant Valley School
  • Cascadia School

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References edit

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