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Sweden Social Web Camp

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Sweden Social Web Camp (SSWC) is a Swedish user-generated conference (or unconference) held on the island of Tjärö. The event focuses on internet and web technology and use in the context of social media. The format is open, participatory workshop-events, the content which is provided by the participants. As anyone can decide to run a workshop during the event other, non-social web, subjects have of course turned up on the unconference grid.[1]



Workshop at SSWC 2011

In 2009 Tomas Wennström and Kristin Heinonen told some friends via their blog that they were considering meeting up a few people on an island and talk about the social web. Within hours they had nearly a hundred replies from people who wanted to come and they decided that they should try to do something for a wider audience. Eventually 286 [2] people attended a two-day Sweden Social Web Camp in 2009 and workshops on about 60 different topics [3]

In 2010 409 people attended Sweden Social Web Camp.[4] A book, SSWC-boken, was crowd sourced by Mattias Boström and 180+ essays making up 591 pages was printed and sold at the event. Many of the essays were also workshop topics at the event itself.[5]

In 2011 about 400 people attended [6] an expanded format where an extra day was added and the agenda for the first day was crowd-sourced beforehand and voted on. By some, this year was considered the best year so far.[7]


The unconference grid at SSWC 2011

The first two years (2009, 2010) was held as a traditional unconference where the content was decided by the participants on the spot, booking locations on the island using the unconference grid. The third year an extra day was added and the suggested topics were crowd-sourced beforehand and an online voting system was used to vote for the most popular topics. The 35 topics with the highest votes were allocated a slot on the first day.

Organised travel, called the Twittering buses,[8] contributes to the event and many consider travelling with the buses an essential part of the experience.

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