Swartzia is a genus of legume in the family Fabaceae. It was named in honor of Swedish botanist Olof Swartz and contains about 200 species. Swartzia is restricted in its geographical distribution to the New World Tropics, where it occurs primarily in lowland rainforests, but also in savannas, pre-montane forests, and tropical dry forests. While it can be found throughout the wet lowlands from Mexico and the Caribbean islands to southern Brazil and Bolivia, Swartzia is most abundant and species-rich in Amazonia, where 10–20 species may co-occur at a single site. The species of Swartzia are mostly trees, ranging from small understory treelets to large canopy emergents. Some species, especially in savannas, are mult-stemmed shrubs.

Swartzia langsdorffii - Jardim Botânico de São Paulo - IMG 0378.jpg
Swartzia langsdorffii
Scientific classification


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  • Possira Aubl.
  • Rittera Schreb.
  • Riveria Kunth
  • Tounatea Aubl.

Fossil recordEdit

Many Swartzia fossils from the middle Eocene epoch are known from the United States. 5 fossil dehiscent seed pods and 50 fossil leaflets have been described from the Warman and Lawrence clay pits in Weakley and the Henry Counties, Tennessee. In addition 6 leaflets have been described from the New Lawrence and Miller clay pits in Henry County, Tennessee.[1]

List of speciesEdit

More than 200 species have been described:[2][3]

Recent phylogenetic analyses have revealed several well-supported clades within Swartzia that roughly correspond to previously-erected sections and series in the genus.[7]

Nomina dubiaEdit

The following species may or may not be valid:[8]

  • Swartzia alato-sericea Barneby
  • Swartzia alternifoliolata Mansano
  • Swartzia arenarium Ducke
  • Swartzia aymardii Barneby
  • Swartzia barnebyana Cuello
  • Swartzia burchellii Mansano, G.P.Lewis & A.M.G.Azevedo
  • Swartzia callistemon Spruce ex Benth.
  • Swartzia capixabensis Mansano
  • Swartzia capparioides Klotzsch
  • Swartzia costaricensis (Britton) N. Zamora
  • Swartzia coriaceifolia Torke
  • Swartzia euxylophora Rizzini & A.Mattos
  • Swartzia fasciata Rizzini & A. Mattos
  • Swartzia flabellipetala Pittier
  • Swartzia gracilis Pipoly & A. Rudas Lleras
  • Swartzia guttata (D. Don) Standl.
  • Swartzia hondurensis (Britton) Dugand
  • Swartzia humboldtiana Cuello
  • Swartzia invenusta Barneby
  • Swartzia juruana Torke
  • Swartzia linharensis Mansano
  • Swartzia maquenqueana N. Zamora & D. Solano
  • Swartzia mazaganensis Ledoux
  • Swartzia mexicana M. Sousa & R. Grether
  • Swartzia microcalyx Ducke
  • Swartzia micropetala Schott
  • Swartzia mutisii Britton & Killip
  • Swartzia oedipus Barneby
  • Swartzia nitens (Kunth) Vogel ex Steud.
  • Swartzia oscarpintoana Pipoly & Rudas
  • Swartzia palustris Barneby
  • Swartzia parvipetala (R.S. Cowan) Mansano
  • Swartzia picramnioides Standl. & L.O. Williams ex Torke & N. Zamora
  • Swartzia pulcherrima Allem. ex Benth.
  • Swartzia shnilis Benoist
  • Swartzia stipularis Spruce ex Benth.
  • Swartzia submarginata (Benth.) Mansano
  • Swartzia subspicata Klotzsch
  • Swartzia surinamensis Klotzsch
  • Swartzia tomentosa DC.
  • Swartzia triptera Barneby
  • Swartzia zeledonensis Torke & N. Zamora


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