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Svetlana Katok with her husband Anatole Katok at Oberwolfach, 2009

Svetlana Katok (born May 1, 1947)[1] is a Jewish Russian-American mathematician and a professor of mathematics at Pennsylvania State University.[2]


Education and careerEdit

Katok grew up in Moscow, and earned a master's degree from Moscow State University in 1969; however, due to the anti-Semitic and anti-intelligentsia policies of the time, she was denied admission to the doctoral program there and instead worked for several years in the area of early and secondary mathematical education.[2] She emigrated to the USA in 1978,[2] and earned her doctorate from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1983 under the supervision of Don Zagier.[2][3] She joined the Pennsylvania State University faculty in 1990.[2]

Katok founded the Electronic Research Announcements of the American Mathematical Society in 1995; it was renamed in 2007 to the Electronic Research Announcements in Mathematical Sciences, and she remains its managing editor.[4]


Katok is the author of:

  • Fuchsian Groups, Chicago Lectures in Mathematics, University of Chicago Press, 1992.[5] Russian edition, Faktorial Press, Moscow, 2002.
  • p-adic Analysis Compared with Real, Student Mathematical Library, vol. 37, American Math. Soc., 2007.[6] Russian edition, MCCME Press, Moscow, 2004.

Additionally, she coedited the book MASS Selecta: Teaching and learning advanced undergraduate mathematics (American Math. Soc., 2003).[7]

Awards and honorsEdit

Katok was the 2004 Emmy Noether Lecturer of the Association for Women in Mathematics.[2] In 2012 she and her husband, mathematician Anatole Katok, both became fellows of the American Mathematical Society.[8]


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