Suzanne Newcombe

Suzanne Newcombe is a scholar of modern yoga as exercise, investigating the "interfaces between religion, health and healing".[1] She is known in particular for her work on yoga for women and yoga in Britain.[2][3]

Early life and educationEdit

Suzanne Newcombe grew up in Kansas. She studied religion at Amherst College in Massachusetts with a year at SOAS in London. She took a master's degree in Religion in Contemporary Society at the London School of Economics. She obtained her PhD at the University of Cambridge on the popularisation of yoga and ayurvedic medicine in Britain.[1]


Newcombe is a researcher at the Open University, working on the sociology and social history of modern yoga and Ayurveda.[1][4][5] She edits and helped to found the Journal of Yoga Studies,[6] and the "Modern Yoga Research" website.[1][7] She is an INFORM research fellow at the London School of Economics.[8] Newcombe has appeared on BBC radio and television to discuss modern yoga and religious practices.[9]


Susan J. Palmer, reviewing Prophecy in the New Millennium for the Review of Religious Research, called the book "a rich and ground-breaking study that should stimulate a fresh interest in this enigmatic phenomenon."[10]

Benjamin D. Crace, reviewing the book for Nova Religio, describes it as "a concise introduction to prophecy, its history, current role, and trajectory" that explores why prophecy "continues to persist as modernity fails and the world becomes increasingly interconnected." Crace notes that "some readers will find the narratives more readable and interesting" than the scholarly analysis.[11]


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  • 2019 Yoga in Britain: Stretching Spirituality and Educating Yogis, Equinox ISBN 978-1781796610

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