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Suryavamsha (English : Solar Dynasty) is a 1999 Indian Kannada-language drama film directed by S. Narayan and written by Vikraman. The film stars Vishnuvardhan in dual role along with Isha Koppikar (in her Kannada debut) and Lakshmi. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by V. Manohar.[2] The movie completed silver jubilee run [3] and collected 15 crore at the box-office.[1] The movie is a remake of 1997 Tamil movie Suryavamsam.

Directed byS. Narayan
Written byS Narayan
Story byVikraman
Based onSuryavamsam (Tamil)
Produced byAnitha Kumaraswamy
Isha Koppikar
CinematographyM. Rajendra
Edited byP. R. Soundar Raju
Music byV. Manohar
Release date
  • September 1999 (September 1999)
Running time
167 minutes
Box office15 crore[1]

Plot edit

Story is set in rural India. Satyamurthy is Pandavapura's Gram panchayat Sarpanch and "Suryavamsha" aristocrat. A strained relationship exists between Satyamurthy's youngest son, illiterate Kanakamurthy (Vishnuvardhan, in a dual role). Son Kanakamurthy honors father.

Visitor Padma's brother is engaged to Kanakamurthy's sister. The house treats Satyamurthy's son Kanakamurthy like a servant, she notices. Dodda says Kanakamurthy's low grades and duncedom angered his strict father. Kanakamurthy only met Parimala at school after Satyamurthy adopted her after her parents died. Kanakamurthy beat a teacher and fled with Parimala in anger. Kanakamurthy never returned to school, but Parimala studied and kept him close.

Satyamurthy married Kanakamurthy and Parimala after falling in love. Parimala attempted suicide after learning of the marriage, but Kanakamurthy saved her. Paramala's "love" for Kanakamurthy was fake. She devalued illiterate Kanakamurthy and would never marry him. In order to prove her righteousness, she had Kanakamurthy say he divorced her. Docile Kanakamurthy angered his father by pleasing Parimala. Kanakamurthy hated love and cried when Parimala married a rich man.

Dodda's sad story about Kanakamurthy makes compassionate Padma fall in love with him, but he doesn't return her love. However, persistent Padma convinces Kanakamurthy to overcome his past and they fall in love.

Padma later writes to Kanakamurthy that her parents made her marry Karigowda's son. Join Kanakamurthy or hang yourself, Padma. Karigowda, Satyamurthy's archenemy, plans to destroy the Suryavamsha family by forming ties with Padma's family and forcing her wealthy lawyer father to support him. Satyamurthy is advised to keep Kanakamurthy away from Padma because her mother strongly disapproves of their marriage. If Kanakamurthy leaves Padma, Satyamurthy will adopt him. Dodda convinces Kanakamurthy to accept Padma by saying her love for him is heartfelt, Satyamurthy's ire for her will fade, and few men receive true love. Kanakamurthy takes Padma to a temple after gatecrashing her wedding with Karigowda's son, as Dodda advised. Anger drives Satyamurthy to break up with Kanakamurthy and Padma.

Padma and Kanakamurthy live near the village. Perfect couple, Padma's family thinks. Padma's uncle (Mukhyamantri Chandru) funds and helps Kanakamurthy start a successful bus service in his father's name. Padma teaches Kanakamurthy the three Rs while studying I.A.S. Kanakamurthy becomes a richer businessman than his father, and Padma becomes district collector. They have son.

At random, Satyamurthy meets Kanakamurthy and Padma's son and admires his values. He discovers Kanakamurthy and Padma's Suryavamsha son. Satyamurthy befriends his grandson without Kanakamurthy, Padma, or his family knowing. Kanakamurthy is both surprised and pleased that his son is talking to Satyamurthy. The opening of Kanakamurthy's father's dream charity hospital for the poor is secretly attended by their family. Kakamurthy shocks his father by saying he respects him and leaves even though his wife sees him.

Kanakamurthy gives his son canned kheer to give to Satyamurthy when he sees him next to show his love. Kanakamurthy's mother Lakshmi finds Satyamurthy secretly meeting his grandson and urges him to reintegrate. She says Satyamurthy was Kanakamurthy before his son took over. Kanakamurthy's father expelled him, unlike today's kids. Kanakamurthy's mother's words teach Satya virtue. Satyamurthy vomits blood after eating kheer before talking to Kanakamurthy. Hospitalized Satyamurthy is critically ill.

Hospitals are full of Satyamurthy fans. Karigowda proves with poisoned kheer that Kanakamurthy tried to kill his father because Satyamurthy took him. Satyamurthy rescued Kanakamurthy from Karigowdamen. Satyamurthy tells the crowd Karigowda poisoned Kanakamurthy's kheer. A devoted Satyamurthy reconciles with Kanakamurthy and ends his war with Karigowda. He apologizes and begs forgiveness after Satyamurthy and Kanakamurthy fight Karigowda and his men.

Cast edit

Soundtrack edit

All music are scored by V. Manohar and lyrics by S. Narayan and Doddarangegowda.

Sl No. Song Title Singer(s)
1 "Sevanthiye Sevanthiye" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
2 "O Meghagala Baagilali" Rajesh Krishnan, K. S. Chitra
3 "Onde Ondu Question" Vishnuvardhan, Ritisha Padmanabh
4 "Pancharangi" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, K. S. Chitra
5 "Belli Chukki Baaninalli" Rajesh Krishnan, Nanditha
6 "Sevanthiye Sevanthiye" K. S. Chitra

Box Office edit

The film was a blockbuster and had a theatrical run of more than 200 days at theaters across Karnataka. The movie completed silver jubilee run [3] and collected 15 crore at the box-office.[1]

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