Surabaya Stock Exchange

Surabaya Stock Exchange (SSX) (Bursa Efek Surabaya (BES) in Indonesian) was a stock exchange that officially opened on June 16, 1989, based on the Minister of Finance Decree of Indonesia No. 654/KMK.010/1989 with only thirty-six shareholders. It was established in order to support the Indonesian government in capital markets and economic development in the East Region of Indonesia.[1]

Surabaya Stock Exchange
Stock exchange
FateMerged into IDX with JSX
SuccessorIndonesia Stock Exchange
DefunctOctober 30, 2007
Key people
Bastian Purnama, Last CEO


On June 16, 1989, SSX started the operation.[2]

On July 22, 1995, the SSX merged with the Indonesian Parallel Stock Exchange (IPSX), leaving only two primary exchanges operating in Indonesia.[1]

On October 30, 2007, SSX was officially merged to Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) and becoming Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) as a single exchange operating in Indonesia, besides Jakarta Futures Exchange.


SSX trades various products, including:

  • Equities (stock)
  • Bonds (Government Bonds and Corporate Bonds)
  • Derivatives products (Japan Futures, LQ45 Futures, and Mini LQ45 Futures)[1]

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