Superrace Championship

Superrace Championship is a grand touring and touring car racing, which is conducted mainly in South Korea and the East Asia region. As of 2014, CJ Group in Korea belongs to Cosponsor Sponsor, and its official name is also CJ Hello Mobile SUPERRACE.

Superrace Championship
CategoryGrand touring
Touring car
CountrySouth Korea
Inaugural season2006


Launched as Korea GT Championship in 2006. It was changed to the present name in the following year.[1]

In South Korea, there is no open-wheel car race series since Formula Korea was suspended in 2007, so it is a touring car race series. Currently, this series is the top category in Korean auto racing.[2]

Outside of South Korea, series battles are frequently held in Japan and China. The history of the event in Japan is as follows.


The race is basically contested by the FIA Group A standard grand tourer.[4] As of 2017, it can be divided into the following three categories based on emissions etc. The tires were Hankook Tire until 2013, but Kumho Tire entered from 2014. As of 2017, Yokohama and Pirelli are added to the highest class CADILLAC 6000, and four companies are supplying it.


The highest class of this series. It is competed with a machine equipped with a 436-hp General Motors 6.2 L V8 engine. The lowest vehicle weight is set at 1,190 kg, and the cowl has a Cadillac ATS-V motif. For transmissions, the conventional five-speed manual to six-speed sequential transmission has been approved since 2017. The brakes are made of UK Alcon, and the suspension is made of Korea's J5.


A class that competes on machines equipped with an engine of 1,400 to 5,000 cc. Classification is made from GT1 to GT4 according to the displacement and the presence or absence of a supercharger. The tire is Hankook's one-make.

Hyundai Avante Cup

A one-make-up race using Hyundai Avante, which has been implemented since 2017. It is considered to be a pro racer's gateway.


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