Superblue (band)

Superblue was an American jazz ensemble that released two albums for Blue Note Records in 1988 and 1989.[1]


Superblue (1988) featured an octet including Bobby Watson, Roy Hargrove, Mulgrew Miller, Frank Lacy, Bill Pierce, Kenny Washington, Don Sickler, and Bob Hurst.

  1. "Open Sesame"
  2. "I Remember Clifford"
  3. "M. and M."
  4. "Marvelous Marvin"
  5. "Once Forgotten"
  6. "Conservation"
  7. "Summertime"
  8. "Time Off"

Superblue 2Edit

Superblue 2 (1989) featured Sickler, Watson, Hurst, Wallace Roney, Robin Eubanks, Ralph Moore, Renee Rosnes, and Marvin "Smitty" Smith.

  1. "Flight to Jordan"
  2. "Nica's Dream"
  3. "'Round Midnight"
  4. "Take Your Pick"
  5. "Blue Minor"
  6. "Autumn Leaves"
  7. "Blue Bossa"
  8. "Desert Moonlight"
  9. "Low Tide"
  10. "Cool Struttin"