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Super Deluxe is an American punk-rock band.

The band started in 1995 in Seattle, following in the footsteps of The Posies and The Goo Goo Dolls, soon becoming a fixture in the northwest music scene. The band consisted of Lead Vocalist and Guitarist, Braden Blake, Backup Vocalist and Lead Guitarist, John Kirsch, Bassist, Jake Nesheim and Drummer, Chris Lockwood.

Warner’s ‘Revolution’ label signed the band, releasing their first album Famous to critical acclaim. The first single, "She Came On" was named 'power pop record of the year' by Melody Maker, and was featured in the movie, Kingpin, during a bowling scene. The band also released their Christmas EP, Electric Holiday that same year, with one of their most popular tracks, "All I Wanted Was a Skateboard", being featured on the Home Alone 3 Soundtrack during an intro to one of the characters.

Rolling Stone called Super Deluxe "equal parts Cheap Trick, Big Star and Redd Kross."[citation needed] The band toured in support of Famous and its follow-up, Via Satellite, which was released in 1997. Super Deluxe decided to take a break from the music scene until 2001. Bassist, Jake Nesheim had to leave the band, due to some personal issues which he had to deal with and move out of Seattle. It wasn't the end of Super Deluxe as they impacted the music scene again with new found new bassist, David M. Roberts. They took a break for a few years to finish some recording with various artists.

Following the release of Via Satellite Super Deluxe released a second Christmas album, featuring three original songs, as well as a short cover of The Who's "Tommy", a rendition of the traditional "Dominic The Christmas Donkey" and an a cappella version of the traditional "O Come Emanuel". This album was a limited release in clear blue case with sparkling white glitter 'snow' in the case. The CD itself looked like a pink and white peppermint candy.

Super Deluxe released their 3rd full-length album, Surrender, in December 2005. They also released another EP in early 2006, Lolita. The band then decided to take yet another break which made the many fans of the Seattle band believe it was an end, although they are still currently on that break. Lead singer of the band, Braden Blake had released his 1st solo album, A Year in Pajamas in mid-2004, which made this seem so. Super Deluxe's Christmas album, Electric Holiday was re-released to the Australian Market in 2007. This time titled as Electric Holiday EP 2007.

Band membersEdit

  • Braden Blake - Vocals, Guitar
  • John Kirsch - Guitar, Vocals
  • David M. Roberts - Bass, Vocals
  • Chris Lockwood - Drums
Other members
  • Ira Merrill - Guitar,Vocals
  • Jake Nesheim - Bass
  • Darius Minwalla - Drums


Electric Holiday
  1. "All I Wanted Was a Skateboard"
  2. "Up On The Housetop"
  3. "Johnny's Gone Sleddin' with Queen"
  4. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
Famous (Oct 1995)
  1. "Lizadrin"
  2. "Famous"
  3. "She Came On"
  4. "Love Her Madly"
  5. "Flustered"
  6. "Disappearing"
  7. "Johnny's Gone Fishin'"
  8. "Holly's Dream Vacation"
  9. "Smile"
  10. "Suitcases"
  11. "Sunshine For Now"
  12. "Give A Little Bit" (Bonus Track - Japanese Release Only)
Via Satellite (Jul 1997)
  1. "Your Pleasure's Mine"
  2. "Lost In Your Failures"
  3. "Farrah Fawcett"
  4. "Love Liquid Wraparound"
  5. "Alright"
  6. "Commonplace"
  7. "Divine"
  8. "What's Up With Me"
  9. "One In A Million"
  10. "New Variations"
  11. "Half Asleep"
  12. "I Can See"
  13. "Suicide Doll"
  14. "Years Ago"
  15. "Rock And Roll" (Included As A Bonus Track Hidden in Track 14 "Years Ago")
  16. "Via Satellite" (Japanese Version Only - Demo Song)
A Bittersweet Noel
  1. "No Merry Christmas"
  2. "A Bittersweet Noel"
  3. "Tommy"
  4. "Dominic the Christmas Donkey"
  5. "A Wonderful Christmas Time"
  6. "O Come Emanuel"
Surrender (Dec 2005)
  1. "Come Down"
  2. "Knockout"
  3. "Joie de Vivre"
  4. "Upsidedown"
  5. "Shoot"
  6. "Know Your Enemy"
  7. "Safe And Sorry"
  8. "Enough Is Enough"
  9. "She's Got It"
  10. "Easy Way Out"
  11. "Get Off"
  12. "Moonage Daydream" (Included in Japanese Version Only - David Bowie Cover)
Lolita EP (March 2005)
  1. "Alysson's Gone"
  2. "Knockout"
  3. "Give It Up"
  4. "Enough Is Enough"
  5. "Lolita"
Super Deluxe Music (Japan Release Only)
  1. "Famous"
  2. "Give A Little Bit"
  3. "On Lisa"
  4. "Virnana (1234)"
  5. "All I Wanted Was a Skate" (UK Remix)
  6. "Famous" (Remix)
  7. "She Came On" (Demo Version)
  8. "Wilted and Faded"
Electric Holiday 2007 (Australian Release)
  1. "All I Wanted Was a Skateboard"
  2. "Up On The Housetop"
  3. "Johnny's Gone Sleddin' with Queen"
  4. "A Bittersweet Noel"
  5. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
  6. "Famous"
  7. Video: Home Alone 3 Scene feat. "All I Wanted Was a Skateboard"
  8. Video: "All I Wanted Was a Skateboard" (Music Video)

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