Sunnehanna Amateur

The Sunnehanna Amateur, officially the Sunnehanna Amateur Tournament for Champions, is a men's amateur golf tournament. Founded in 1954, it is hosted annually at the Sunnehanna Country Club in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States. It is considered to be one of the top amateur golf tournaments held in the United States and is classified as a Category A event by the World Amateur Golf Rankings.[1]

Sunnehanna Amateur
LocationJohnstown, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Course(s)Sunnehanna Country Club
Length6,716 yards
FormatStroke play
Month playedJune
Aggregate266 Allen Doyle (1992)
Alex Smalley

The Sunnehanna Amateur is played in stroke play format; 72 holes (four rounds) held over four days. Many current and former PGA Tour, Champions Tour, Walker Cup and Ryder Cup players have competed in the tournament. Tiger Woods played in the tournament twice, finishing 5th in 1992 and tied for 12th in 1993.



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