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Sundsvalls Tidning is a Swedish language local morning newspaper published in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Sundsvalls Tidning
Sundsvalls Tidning 1888-01-03.png
Front page, 3 January 1888
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) MittMedia
Founded 1841; 177 years ago (1841)
Political alignment Liberal
Language Swedish
Headquarters Sundsvall
Circulation 25,400 (2013)
Website Sundsvalls Tidning


History and profileEdit

Sundsvalls Tidning was first published in January 1841 with eight pages.[1][2] The paper is based in Sundsvall[1] and is a local morning publication.[3] The owner of the paper was a family company with the same name until 1985 when it was acquired by the Gefle Dagblad company[2] which has a liberal stance.[4] In 1994 the Gefle Dagblad company became the sole owner of the paper.[2]

The company evolved later as MittMedia and owns seventeen newspapers, including Sundsvalls Tidning[4][5] which has a liberal leaning.[6]

In 2003 Sundsvalls Tidning acquired its local competitor Dagbladet Nya Samhället.[5]

Sundsvalls Tidning was printed in broadsheet format until Spring 2005 when it switched to tabloid.[1][7] The paper has a website which is updated twice daily[3] and a tablet e-paper.[8] In May 2013 the paper began to use the duplex serif and sans typefaces designed by Berton Hasbe.[9]

The circulation of Sundsvalls Tidning was 27,300 copies in 2012 and 25,400 copies in 2013.[10]

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