Sundsvalls Tidning is a local morning newspaper published in Sundsvall, Sweden. It has been in circulation since 1841.

Sundsvalls Tidning
Front page dated 3 January 1988
TypeDaily newspaper
Founded1841; 183 years ago (1841)
Political alignmentLiberal
WebsiteSundsvalls Tidning

History and profile edit

Sundsvalls Tidning was first published in January 1841 with eight pages.[1][2] The paper is based in Sundsvall[1] and is a local morning publication.[3] The owner of the paper was a family company with the same name until 1985 when it was acquired by the Gefle Dagblad company[2] which has a liberal stance.[4] In 1994 the Gefle Dagblad company became the sole owner of the paper.[2]

The company evolved to MittMedia and owns seventeen newspapers, including Sundsvalls Tidning[4][5] which has a liberal leaning.[6]

In 2003, Sundsvalls Tidning acquired its local competitor, Dagbladet Nya Samhället.[5]

Sundsvalls Tidning was printed in broadsheet format until Spring 2005 when it switched to tabloid.[1][7] The paper has a website, which is updated twice daily,[3] and a tablet e-paper.[8] In May 2013, the paper began to use the duplex serif and sans typefaces designed by Berton Hasbe.[9]

The paper sold 29,600 copies in 2010.[5] The circulation of Sundsvalls Tidning was 27,300 copies in 2012 and 25,400 copies in 2013.[10]

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