Sulden (German pronunciation: [ˈsʊldn̩]; Italian: Solda [ˈsɔlda]) is a mountain village in South Tyrol, northern Italy. It is a frazione of the comune of Stilfs.

Sulden in Summer 2005.
Sulden in Summer 2005.
Coordinates46°31′0″N 10°36′0″E / 46.51667°N 10.60000°E / 46.51667; 10.60000
Vertical?? m
Top elevation?? m
Base elevation1906 m
Skiable areakm²
Lift system11
Lift capacity?? skiers/hr
Map of South Tyrol showing Stilfs
Location of South Tyrol in Italy


Sulden lies at the foot of the Ortler, in the Vinschgau valley east of the Stelvio Pass. It is 1900 m above sea level, with a population of 400.


Due to its remote location, in AD 1802, the Austrian newspaper "Innsbrucker Wochenblatt" compared it to "Siberia of Tyrol", "where farmers dine with bears and kids ride on wolves".

Tourism changed this, as Sulden now has 2000 beds and eleven skilifts, part of Ortler Skiarena.

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Reinhold Messner owns a herd of yaks there, and also the Ortler branch of the Messner Mountain Museum.

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