Sudar na paralelama

Sudar na paralelama is a Croatian drama film[2] directed by Jože Babič. It was released in 1961, and later selected for preservation by the Croatian State Archives.[1] The film was released in SFR Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Cuba, East Germany and Egypt.[1]

Sudar na paralelama
Directed byJože Babič
Written byRadivoje Lola Đukić [sr]
CinematographyNikola Majdak
Edited byLida Braniš [hr]
Music byBorut Lesjak [sl]
Release date
  • 18 July 1961 (1961-07-18)
Running time
80 min.[1]

Plot summaryEdit

A man (Mića Orlović) returns home from a business trip to learn that his wife (Jelena Jovanović-Žigon) is supposed to go on a business trip of her own with her boss (Boris Kralj). He is jealous and, their relationship soured by previous fights, takes a lot of convincing to let her take the trip. However, as she leaves, he changes her mind and surreptitiously boards her train.[3]


  • Jelena Jovanović-Žigon as wife
  • Mića Orlović as husband
  • Boris Kralj as the boss
  • Olga Palinkaš as the flight attendant
  • Andrea Sarić as girl in a dress
  • Ivona Petri as grandmother
  • Zlatko Madunić as train conductor
  • Rudolf Kukić as man in the store
  • Ljubo Dijan as man with the foxes
  • Zoran Vuk as boy


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