Stuttgart–Strasbourg was a road bicycle race held annually in France and Germany, between Stuttgart and Strasbourg. It was first held in 1966 and held annually until 1996 as an amateur race. A revival was held in 2005 on the UCI Europe Tour but the race was not held again.

Race details
RegionFrance, Germany
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeStage race
First edition1966 (1966)
Final edition2005 (2005)
First winner René Goetz (FRA)
Final winner Michael Muck (GER)


Year Country Rider Team
1966   France René Goetz
1967   France Roger Reininger
1968   France Robert Bischoff
1969   West Germany Jörg Frank
1970   West Germany Jörg Frank
1971   West Germany Kurt Forster
1972   France Jean-Pierre Puccianti
1973   France Jean-Pierre Puccianti
1974   West Germany Herbert Stodal
1975   West Germany Jörg Haller
1976   West Germany Uli Rottler
1977   West Germany Gerald Schutz
1978   West Germany Joachim Fehrenbacher
1979   West Germany Joachim Fehrenbacher
1980   West Germany Michael Maue
1981   West Germany Christian Bock
1982   France Jean-Maris Landherr
1983   West Germany Uwe Messerschmidt
1984   West Germany Rainer Lemke
1985   West Germany Kurt Eipper
1986   France Gilles Delion
1987   France Fabrice Philipot
1988   France Philippe Bau
1989   France Fabrice Julien
1990   France Fabrice Julien
1991   France Richard Szostak
1992   Bulgaria Hristo Zaikov
1993   Lithuania Saulius Ruškys
1994   Germany Oliver Hartmann
1995   Germany Uw Peschel
1996   Germany Ralf Werner
1997-2004 No race
2005   Germany Michael Muck

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