Stuart Pearson Wright

Stuart Pearson Wright (born 1975, Northampton) is an English[1] portrait artist, winner of the BP Portrait Award.[2]

Life and worksEdit

Wright went to school in Eastbourne, Sussex[1] and graduated from Slade School of Fine Art,[3] University College of London (1995–1999), receiving a B.A. in Fine Art.

He won the BP Travel Prize in 1998.[4] When he was 25 the National Portrait Gallery acquired his painting of the actor John Hurt.[1]

In 2001 he won the BP Portrait Award with his painting of six presidents of the National Academy. It was described as "astounding", showing the men surrounding a dead chicken.[4] As part of his prize he was commissioned to paint author J K Rowling and that painting is part of the National Collection.

Wright won the Garrick/Milne Prize[3] in 2005. An exhibition of his work entitled Halfboy was on show at The Heong Gallery of Downing College, Cambridge from 2 November 2018 to 6 February 2019.[5] He is an extraordinary artist and has created magnificent paintings so far in his life. his exceptional use of oil paint creates an amazing realistic tone to his work.

Personal lifeEdit

Pearson-Wright was conceived by artificial insemination, and does not know his father.[1]

He is married to Polly and has a son, named Wulfred.[6]


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