The Strypa (Ukrainian: Стрипа; Hungarian: Sztripa) is a river in Ternopil Oblast, Western Ukraine. It is a left-bank tributary of the Dniester that flows southward for 147 km through Ternopil oblast and drains a basin area of 1,610 km2 (12% territory of Ternopil Oblast). The river is generally approximately 30 m wide and has a sharply defined valley. Its waters are used for industry and agriculture. A small water reservoir has been built on it. The major centers located along the river include Zboriv, Buchach, and Zarvanytsia.

Physical characteristics
 • coordinates
48°52′04″N 25°25′32″E / 48.8678°N 25.4256°E / 48.8678; 25.4256Coordinates: 48°52′04″N 25°25′32″E / 48.8678°N 25.4256°E / 48.8678; 25.4256
Length147 km (91 mi)
Basin size1,610 km2 (620 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionDniesterDniester EstuaryBlack Sea

Its main tributaries are Western Strypa, Vosushka, Vil'khovets', and Studenka.


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